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Permanent Secretary

Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD) Sarawak.

Established on 1st August 1963, MIPD Sarawak is charged with the responsibilities for policy formulation, planning and development of physical infrastructure and port facilities in the state. 

Subjects that are under the purview of MIPD Sarawak and its agencies include the following:

  1. State Public Works and Buildings;
  2. Control and Maintenance of State Roads and Bridges;
  3. Federal Public Works undertaken in Sarawak;
  4. Ferry Services;
  5. Development and Management of Ports; and
  6. Management of Dockyard and Marine Engineering Services. 

In addition, MIPD Sarawak is holding a watching brief for all related Federal Agencies and subjects including:

  1. Airport and Airfields; and
  2. Liaising with Federal Ministries and their Agencies on matters relating to Infrastructure and Port Development. 

This website is designed and developed to provide surfers and the general public with information regarding MIPD Sarawak. It also provides link to the websites of agencies that are under the purview of MIPD Sarawak. It is hoped that the information provided will enable surfers and the general public to better understand the roles and responsibilities besides the services provided by MIPD Sarawak and its agencies. 

We undertake to update this website regularly. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us serve you better.

"An Honour to Serve"

Permanent Secretary

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