Client Charter


Client Charter

1.     Feedback regarding Infrastructure matters to be provided to the Stakeholders within three (3) working days;
2.     Extracts of the approval MMKN paper to be distributed to implementing agencies within three (3) working days;
3.     Complaints on Infrastructure assets (Roads, Buildings and Bridges) to be forwarded to related agencies within three (3) working days;
4.     The appointment of The Authorities Board Members / Corporation (under the purview of Ministry) to be made before tenure ends;
5.     The completed travelling applications outside Sarawak by agencies for official purposes to be processed within seven (7) working days for approval of Sarawak State Secretary; 
6.     The completed application for confirmation of service to be submitted to Human Resource Development and Management Unit, Office of the Premier of Sarawak for approval within seven (7) working days;
7.     Feedback to TALIKHIDMAT complaints to be provided within three (3) working days;
8.     Processing of bills, invoices and staff claims for payment within fourteen (14) days from the date of complete documents received by the Finance Division; and 
9.     Issuance of departmental warrant (not involving request for variation/ virement/supplementary) within five (5) working days from the date of  complete application received by the Finance Division.

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