YB Minister's Message


YB Minister's Message

 Welcome to the Official Website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development Sarawak

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD) focuses mainly on the provision of extensive connectivity through infrastructure development and facilitate economic development through the development of ports in Sarawak.

In line with the Sarawak government’s move towards digital economy - with the aspiration to be a high income and advanced economy by 2030, MIPD's role is to ensure that the development of reliable infrastructure and ports will meet future demands.

While connectivity is essential to generate economic activities such as tourism, marketing, logistics, agriculture and trade that brings about a host of socio-economic development to communities, MIPD is committed to provide safe and reliable accessibility to better the livelihoods of Sarawakian closing the urban-rural gap.


This website will serve as a portal of information as well as a platform containing news, activities and links that is related to MIPD.

We welcome your feedback, suggestion or inquires made in relation to MIPD and would like to serve you better.

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Deputy Premier, Second Minister for Finance and New Economy and Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development 



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