e-Participation Policy

The State Government  get involved aims to gather and gauge ground sentiments, engage citizens in the State Government on services  and  policy.  Our feedback platforms available at the State Agencies portals and websites and social media.  All the feedback will be received by the respective agencies.

The State Government hasright (but not the obligation) to delete, disallow or move any content in particular any Content which violates any of the terms of the TOU including but not limited to comments that:

Out of context or irrelevant.

  • Undermine or abuse beliefs
  • Promote discrimination
  • Promotes illegal activity.
  • Violate any legal or intellectual property rights
  • Involve a threat to security
  • Infringe the privacy of others
  • Contain profane language.
  • Violate applicable laws, regulations and policies. 



Agencies Under Ministry