Digital Village Project to Bridge Digital Divide in Sg Asap
Posted on : 26 Feb 2021  Source of News: Dayak Daily

KUCHING (Feb 24): The proposed Digital Village for Sungai Asap in Belaga aims to overcome the digital divide high speed Internet broadband service up to 100Mbps for the rural community there.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing pointed out that successful implementation of the project will enable the community in Sungai Asap to participate in the Digital Sarawak ecosystem.

“Just imagine how much the people of Sungai Asap would benefit from this project”.

“Students will be able to attend online classes, banking can be done online and communication via various platforms can all be conducted very conveniently,” he said in a statement today.

Masing, who is also the Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development, had been briefed on the project by Danawa Resource managing director Rahman Sepawie and Telbina Technology managing director Jerriface Mason recently.

The same Digital Village concept, Masing emphasised, can also be extended to other communities such as Kapit, Bukit Mabong and other areas which otherwise do not have access to the Internet in Sarawak.

The proposal to build the digital infrastructure to provide high speed broadband Internet for Sungai Asap, he continued, would also simplify and accelerate the proliferation of global knowledge and ICT usage for rural communities.

“They will in turn embrace the digital economy, hence becoming an enabler of Smart Government and digital money transactions via applications like Sarawak Pay.

“It would facilitate the transformation of the digital community of Sungai Asap,” he added.

The project when successfully implemented, he reiterated, would benefit villages, schools, government offices and houses of worship in and around the area. – DayakDaily

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